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A sweet temptation named Biber

This sweet specialty was once called "Birnenzelten," which later became "Biberzelten," to end up Biber or Biberli for short. The sweet pastry is actually a kind of decorated ginger bread made from honey dough with a white almond filling.The Biber belongs to the town of St.Gallen just like the twin towers of its famous church.

In our bakehouse in Wittenbach, Switzerland ,we produce Biber in different sizes, shapes and

with a  big variety of subjects. Just the best ingredients are used. It would be great to send you the wonderful aroma of freshly baked Biber via the internet. 

Visit our shop and find your favorite Biber.

Biber Bäckerei St. Gallen
Biber Model St Kopie.png
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